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90% of parts are on our trucks to help service you same day Appliances share common parts. The ones that often break down are usually on hand to replace without having to call and order, which is why we're confident that most repairs in Los angeles are done same day!

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We are confident our job will provide you the best parts, and the best repair service that we back it up to 5 years.

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A&B Appliance
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Porter Ranch Appliance And Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

Professional Sub-Zero refrigerator repair
& services by factory
trained technicians.

Porter Ranch Appliance Repair Center Call (818) 881-6912

Care For Your Appliances With Porter Ranch Appliance Repair

All homes are filled with a myriad of appliances that make their life easier and faster than back in the old days. They are an essential part of daily existence. When one of them becomes untrustworthy it makes parts of the day more stressful than they need to be. To take care of this there are great guys with Porter Ranch Appliance Repair who can come out and diagnose just about any problem that may arise.

Great Education

Being a trade appliance repair personnel are required to have a formal education and field training to be allowed to go into customer homes to repair their items. Every technician who arrives on the doorstep is certified and licensed to care for the customer needs. They are courteous and knowledgeable about the product they are there to repair. They will explain the problem and how to fix it to the customer and get their approval before the work is done. An estimate will also be given and payment arrangements made at the same time.


For Fast Same Day Repair Service Call (818) 881-6912

One thing that keeps Porter Ranch Appliance Repair available at 818. 881.6912 is their attention to detail and all the great customer reviews. They keep each call to a minimum of time by being properly equipped for anything they find at the residence. It is standard procedure to carry spare parts for every major brand of refrigerator stove dish washer washing machine and dryer and even garbage disposals in their van or truck. This means less down time for the appliance and a smaller hourly billing for the customer. They do not waste time and milk the clock like some disreputable places have been known to do. They are in and out and let the customer go with a smile and a wave.

Refrigerator problems

Refrigerators are among the more necessary appliances in a home. How they work and what keeps them cold is a mystery to most owners. However when one stops keeping the milk cold it is time to call the repair guys out for a visit. First check the obvious items such as the power cord the thermostat and the freezer to see if it needs to be defrosted and the inner thermostat is frozen giving it false readings. If it still is not working call a Porter Ranch repairman and get it back to normal.

For Fast Same Day Repair Service Call (818) 881-6912

Clothing Washers & Dryers

A few things can go wrong with a washing machine. They have a small electrical panel on top that houses the setting knobs and all the wiring for sensors too. This is the most frequent area for issues. When the water level sensor goes out it will continue to run and flood the room and adjoining rooms while not washing the clothes. A simple adjustment by a trained repairman will take care of this easily. The connectors to the main power supply also have the ability to go out after years of use. Replacing the wiring harnesses here will straighten this right up too.

Read what clients have to say about A&B Appliance:

Reviewer: Ryan W - 5 out of 5 stars 5 stars

Great customer service and product knowledge. I went for a part to fix my oven. After explaining the symptoms, mechanic told me what the part I needed was. I thought I knew what the problem was after doing some testing and finding out what it would be on google. I was wrong. If they had not helped me, I would have spent way more time, money, and would have been very frustrated. Thanks A&B Appliance!