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90% of parts are on our trucks to help service you same day Appliances share common parts. The ones that often break down are usually on hand to replace without having to call and order, which is why we're confident that most repairs in Los angeles are done same day!

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We are confident our job will provide you the best parts, and the best repair service that we back it up to 5 years.

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A&B Appliance
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A & B Appliance Service and Repair
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La Canada Flintridge Appliance And Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

Professional Sub-Zero refrigerator repair
& services by factory
trained technicians.

La Canada Flintridge Appliance Repair Call (818) 881-6912

La Canada Flintridge Appliance Repair Specialists

La Canada Flintridge Appliance Repair works daily repairing appliances so homes and offices can get back to normal. Most homes are filled with devices but replacing them is not always a financial option many times repair is the more sensible solution. We service stoves washers air conditioners freezers and a list of other items no matter what brand you may have in your home. Many businesses maintain cooking facilities for their employees and these devices sometime need refurbishing hotels and restaurants included; we maintain equipment in any facility for service call (818) 881-6912.

For Fast Same Day Repair Service Call (818) 881-6912

Home equipment is an investments that should not be replaced for a long period of time but occasionally parts do wear out and we are there to tell you what went wrong and to repair it if necessary. For service contact La Canada Flintridge Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair (818) 881-6912 and we will get a service representative to your home to take care of the problem. There are no added fees for coming to your home only work you agree to will be done; no work will take place without your written permission.

Major appliances can bring the smooth running of a home to a stand still. A water heater is one of those appliances; a stove and a washer are two other appliances. There are so many things your home takes to keep it going and we specialize in keeping the things you need going. Your refrigerator makes your home comfortable and dinner easier to store prepare meals quickly with a stove that operates efficiently and clean up better and easier with a working dishwasher. These are only a few of the reasons to have a repair company you are able to call. La Canada Flintridge Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair (818) 881-6912.

For Fast Same Day Repair Service Call (818) 881-6912

Some homes have vintage appliances and occasionally they do not work the way they should. Quality replacements are not easily found for vintage appliances. These unique stoves and freezers give can give your kitchen a special flair. We are qualified to repair these unique items so that you can continue using these special treasures.

We do a job that you will be satisfied with new technology demands a company trained in repairing machinery with computer technology as well as basic machinery. Our technicians are skilled in all areas of appliance repair. We offer comparable prices for exceptional work on any appliance no matter what make or model with years of experience and extensive training our technicians are ready to do an excellent job.

Hot water heaters air conditioners and heating systems are located in homes and businesses and sometimes fall in need of repair. We restore restaurants equipment with quick efficient appliance repair. When doing work in your home we are respectful of your property and your privacy and do our best to keep out of the way of your family activity. Your world is busy and in order to function things must work properly and our company is in the business of keeping your appliances big and small operating the way they are designed.

Read what clients have to say about A&B Appliance:

Reviewer: Ryan W - 5 out of 5 stars 5 stars

Great customer service and product knowledge. I went for a part to fix my oven. After explaining the symptoms, mechanic told me what the part I needed was. I thought I knew what the problem was after doing some testing and finding out what it would be on google. I was wrong. If they had not helped me, I would have spent way more time, money, and would have been very frustrated. Thanks A&B Appliance!